Sunday, 27 April 2008

Light At The End of The Tunnel

Little update on me - next week will be my last FULL WEEK of radiation treatment for my breast cancer - then Monday the following week and then I AM DONE !!!!!
Right now I am sooooooo exhausted, and have developed some other "normal" symptons of having radiation like an annoying cough, rash and soreness. Also because of my low immune system right now I am getting a cold ; (
Still a long road ahead to get back to "normal" but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and its burning bright, urging me forward to finish this journey I started way back in November last year when I was diagnosed.
And overall I am remaining as positive as I can !!!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Balloons Over Waikato

Check out my photo album (Balloons over Waikato) with more photos i took last week of the amazing hot air balloons that were at Hamilton. Some of the ladies and i from the Cancer Lodge went down by Hamilton lake at around 6am one morning to watch all the balloons taking off - what a fantastic sight it was !!!

Checking in

Sunday morning here - just checking in to say hi.
Rainy day here so will be resting inside most of the day.
Week 2 of my radiation treatments are done. 3 or possibly 3 1/2 weeks of treatments to go.
Am feeling sore and tired and developing a bit of a dry cough (all "normal" side effects) but just trying to take one day at a time; resting when i can - although i hate not been able to do all that i would like to do
Spent most of yesterday over at the Craft Show at the Hamilton Gardens - was tiring but great to catch up with lots of people I know and seeing all the things for sale and all the wonderful samples of things has inspired me for future creativity.
The weekends go way too fast - almost before they seem to start, its time to pack up again and head back over to the Lodge for another week.
But all this will pass eventually.
Everyones thoughts, prayers and support mean the world to me and comfort me greatly !!!