Thursday, 27 March 2008

Playing with Fairies

Have had a lot of fun today making up 4 fairy themed cards using my craft robo and cuttlebug. The fairy images are from a dingbat font.

I am trying to keep busy and I do have a lot to get organised before my first treatment at the hospital next Tuesday (1st April). Will then be away from home and offline during the week for all of April while I stay at the Cancer Lodge over in Hamilton.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Inspired by You Tube Video Clip

Firstly Happy Easter to you all!

Its a lovely sunny and unseasonably hot autumn (fall) day here. Got my laundry out on the line and when looking through my emails this morning, someone had posted a link to a You Tube video clip for a background technique.

Usually I think to myself - yes that looks interesting I will try that "sometime" but more often than not I never get around to it - so NOTE TO SELF - from now on if you see something you want to try doing - if you can try it then and there - GOT FOR IT !! I had so much fun experimenting with colours and papers and well take a look at one of the cards I ended up making.
This is the link (thanks Libby)
An Irresistible Technique - dabber paints with distress inks
I am hoping my muse has decided to return to play !!!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Things Get Moving !!

Tuesday I had another appointment at the hospital - I got to see the dr for talking and signing consent forms and then got to go upstairs to the radiation simulator.
My first radiation treatment is on the Tuesday 1st April and I will be having 25 treatments - one a day - Monday to Friday till early May.
And the good news is I am able to stay at the Cancer Lodge which is in the hospital grounds at Hamilton and come home on the weekends.
So a busy week ahead getting things organised.
As always huge thank yous for everyones love, support and prayers - it means the world to me to know so many people care.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

More Waiting ....

For those of you who visit my blog in the hope of seeing some of my artwork, PLEASE keep coming back - I hope to start creating again real soon.
My hospital appointment last week brought more frustration and "waiting" which I am not good at - this lady loves to feel "in control" of her life and since December when my breast cancer was diagnosed, control of my life is one thing I feel I have lost big time. The appointment turned into just a note taking exercise by the dr; talking about what they will do and when she had a look at the wounds she noticed that my body is rejecting some of the stitches (they are meant to stay inside my body and dissolve). As she is the oncology dr i got referred back over to the breast clinic after my appointment with her. So more on that below lol.
The oncology dr said that she wants to WAIT for another 2 weeks before my second planning appointment where they do the preliminary things before the radiation treatment will start. So I have to heal some more as I am still bruised and wounds not completely healed yet.
THEN radiation treatments probably wont start for another 2-3 weeks after that. Anyways after I had finished with her i went over to the breast clinic to get looked at by one of the surgeon drs over there and she took the stitches out that had broken through the skin. Ouch ouch kind of as most parts are numbish. Then we headed back home - didn't even feel like craft shopping on the way lol.
So once again waiting for things to happen ......
Some days are good, some days are "pity party" days but I am learning to take each day as it comes - and on those pity party days to work through all the emotions and not suppress them. I know one day very soon I will be able to look back on these past months and softly smile and know I conquered it all and have become stronger for the experience.
Until next time - huge thanks to everyone for their prayers, love and support - it means the world to me.