Thursday, 20 March 2008

Things Get Moving !!

Tuesday I had another appointment at the hospital - I got to see the dr for talking and signing consent forms and then got to go upstairs to the radiation simulator.
My first radiation treatment is on the Tuesday 1st April and I will be having 25 treatments - one a day - Monday to Friday till early May.
And the good news is I am able to stay at the Cancer Lodge which is in the hospital grounds at Hamilton and come home on the weekends.
So a busy week ahead getting things organised.
As always huge thank yous for everyones love, support and prayers - it means the world to me to know so many people care.


Molly Brawley said...

Hey Wendy--I found your blog on the breast cancer website--I started blogging after I was DX'd--just for MY sanity but maybe to help someone else. I haven't read your blog yet but wanted to say hi, and let you know that there others of us here who share your story in so many ways!

Molly Brawley
Niles, Michigan

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

What is the address of the Cancer Lodge at Hamilton? I would like to send you mail.

Are you able to bring your art supplies in case you feel like creating? I know you will bring your journal. I will be thinking of you and sending warm, comforting thoughts filled with positive energy. and in five weeks you will be home. Yippee.

xoxox Rella

Stampin-MAMI said...

i truly wanted to let you know that you would be in my prayers and I hope that all the treatments work for you and that you can be another Survivor to add to the ever growing Survival list. God Bless you and your family during the tough times ahead.