Thursday, 17 May 2012


<big sighs> Well I know it's been quite awhile since I posted. 
There have been major hassles with the shipment of our goods from Australia (which includes all my craft supplies !! ) and even though they were picked up from us on 22 February - they still haven't left Australia !!
After several complaints to the Head office of the removal company, things finally have started to happen - although it looks like delivery could not be until mid June.

With winter arriving fast here, I have brought some yarn and have been keeping busy with some knitting to kerb my papercraft withdrawals. Found some gorgeous yarn from Spotlight and have knitted up some warm fingerless gloves in seed and stocking stitch pattern.

And after a visit to the SPCA, we now have a very welcome addition to our family - meet Sparky !!!

I can't wait to get to creating with all my papercraft supplies again - it will definitely been like Christmas when all our boxes finally arrive !!

until next time - happy crafting !!
smiles Wendy