Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Some Exciting News To Share

Firstly I have now finished all my radiation treatments !!
Hopefully the side effects should start to go away in about 2-3 weeks time.
And I have some wonderful news to share which is giving me something to focus on and become excited about - WE ARE MOVING !!!!! We will be moving on 28 May !!!
My husband grew up on a farm and has always loved the rural life - something i never wanted to try until now - since my health hiccup I have been looking at lots of things in a totally different way !!! So we are moving - to a farm that we will be renting - it is 11 acres of land to do with whatever we want (have animals, grow veges etc etc). Also includes a three bedroom house, seperate sheds (2) and a big barn !!! - the barn or one of the sheds or the inside games room are all potential areas where I can have my craft business again. The property is around 2 hours north from where we are living right now. So lots to do between now and the 28th May and hopefully some time to do some craft work as well !!