Friday, 1 August 2008

Welcome to my world at the moment

The second major storm hit in the space of a couple of days earlier this week.
Photo above is once the water and mud had receded a bit in the Barn.
To say I am upset is an understatement but life goes on and it could have been much worse.
I am now in the process of packing it all up and moving it up to the house. The floor down there has got water and mud all over it - everything that was in boxes out in my office part that i had partioned off is wet and everything else feels very damp so can't be left down there.
I have decided I will set up what i can fit in the games room here in the house and leave the rest packed up, up here and not use the Barn - I just can't take the risk right now.
Another minor setback but in the words of the song by Kanye West - "now that that don't kill me, can only make me stronger"
Once I am set up here in the house, I can't wait to get creating again !

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susan said...

Hey Wendy. Sorry you got affected by the bad weather. I am in CA USA and my Mum kept me up to date. Hope you didn't have any big losses. My Mums down at the retirement village in Red Beach and I'll be home soon to NZ to visit. We may get up your way as we do the cheese thing lol. Hows your biz going there?