Tuesday, 9 December 2008


edited: 9 Dec 7pm - thanks to everyone who has left comments so far.
To answer a couple of questions
1) The bird stamp I have used on the cards is one from a clear stamp set from Inkadinkado called "birds galore."
2) I did the background by using a torn piece of paper as a mask and applied different colours of dye inkpads using a sponge.

I had so much fun making these cards yesterday, especially the backgrounds - I decided I would have a giveaway on my blog. Anyone who leaves a comment until the 15th December, will go into 2 draws to have one of the above cards mailed to them.

The New Year will be here before we realise .... and I already have some "resolutions" for my blog
1. to post more regularly
2. to upload more of what I make
3. to have more giveaways

I hope everyone is having a stressfree lead up to Christmas - remember the reason for the season - take care and remember to smile, laugh and enjoy every moment of every day


Anonymous said...

Lovely cards Wendy, will look around you blog tonight, at work so had better do what I am paid for, Love Denise

Anonymous said...

Wow Wendy,
What a great blog! Can't believe it's my first trip here ;o) Love your playlist too...says alot about you ;o) I'm a big fan of Spandau Ballet. LOVE the cards you made! What cool backgrounds!!! If I win, I'll for sure send you a ty card ;o)

GramaDebi said...

Beautiful cards! I'm very impressed with your blog and have spent a LONG time here just looking at the beautiful pictures and listening to the music. Thanks for sharing it!!!
love, debi (savage on Angel ATM list)

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy, I love the cards and also the photos of your part of the world. I especially love the photo of the aboriginal paintings. Awesome.Veronica, foxwalker@yahoo.com

Julie from Montana said...

Lovely blog Wendy. Can't believe it's my first trip here. LOVE your art -- duh! And your playlist rocks! OOH...what pretty candy the new cards.....hope I win one to add to my collection of Wendy cards ;o)
Hugs, Julie A

Anonymous said...

Love your cards Wendy! Another great job!!
Love Pam

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite to your blog site, Wendy. You have so much to offer and you give so freely.
Kind regards, Noeline

Anonymous said...

Wendy...these cards are beautiful!!! They reflect your love of life!!! I read many of the entries on your blog and found all of them to be very uplifting! I am going to have to visit New Zealand one of these days...these pictures are breathtaking!

Colleen P

Nicole said...

Hi Wendy! Your cards are beautiful, hope I get lucky!!! Romeo and Juliet is playing right now...one of my favorite songs! Someone's got great taste!!! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Wendy, I'm with you....I LOVE the backgrounds on both of the cards. But you always do wonderful work!

Nettie said...

Beautiful cards Wendy! what beautiful surroundings where you live ;-)

((hugs)) Nettie

Anne A. Ballarat said...

Wonderful site Wendy, lovely cards and very happy times and memeroies to share with everyone. Thank you for sharing "A little corner of your world" I have thoroughly enkoyed looking through the site and reading everything. Keep up the great work.

Hugs Anne A. Ballarat

femminismo said...

Put me in the drawing. Your resolutions are good ones. I love listening to "Secret Garden." Hope it's nice in New Zealand. In Oregon we are expecting some Arctic front weather this weekend. (I don't know how they know this four days ahead, but "they" say they do.) jeanne in Oregon

Anonymous said...

The cards look great, Wendy. Please put me in the drawing!

Anne said...

What a lovely idea Wendy.

Wishing you and yours all the very best for Christmas and New Year.

(Anne Brignall - Chch. New Zealand)

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful Cards! I would love to see somme tips so I could try this :) Thanks for Sharing.

Robin said...

Wendy! These are beautiful cards!! I have to know who makes the bird stamps you used. Those are wonderful!! I hope you do start sharing more of what you make on your blog. You create such wonderful art and you need to start sharing it with the world!!!!

Smurfy One said...

I am blessed to call you sister and also my best friend. You always amaze me with the beautiful and inspirational cards that you make, I am so very pleased that you encouraged me into the world of papercrafting, and I am continually learning from you.
Eternal Love and Hugs
Smurfy One xx

Glennis F said...

Wow Wendy, these cards are great.
Christmas wishes to you and Doug

Purnima said...

Lovely cards, lovely lifestyle, lovely lady!! TFS!!!! So glad that you plan to share more.

elizabeth said...

What beautiful cards, Wendy! I love the backgrounds and love the stamps. (And your playlist is wonderful). Thanks for sharing your blog.

Laura Kay said...

the cards are lovely. I really like the photo on your header!

Sue said...

BEAUTIFUL cards!!! I'm going to try this technique! Love both of these!!

Wanda H said...

Wendy, both cards are beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Wendy, I love your cards and also love the photos of your world. It's beautiful!
Veronica, foxwalker@yahoo.com

mail@cookiesunshine.com said...

wendy, your cards are lovely. What a kind thing for you to do

BettyBoo said...

Wendy you are amazing just keep on getting better.Beautiful cards once again. Happy Christmas to you and Doug have a great one.

Anonymous said...

Your cards are beautiful, Wendy, but I am writing to say how much I loved the photos and story of you and your "Pink Angels" invading the town, including the cute Egyptian guy wearing the halo!
Best Wishes!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful artistic work Wendy. Love the quirky cards. You certainly can see the love you have for creating cards through the details and colour. Congratulations on the award.The music is also very soothing and easy to listen to as one gazes at your work.
Thanks for giving me this time to sit and relax away from the demands of farm work.
Chow Mary Fenton. Kerang. Victoria Australia.