Saturday, 4 April 2009


EDIT TO POST - Monday 6 April - Yesterday went well - lots of wristbands sold. It was a priviledge and awesome experience to help out. The Warriors lost the game against the Rabbitohs but the atmosphere at the game was amazing.

I will be attending the NZ Warriors rugby league game against the South Sydney Rabbitohs on Sunday.
The match will be a tribute to promising Warrior Sonny Fai, who would have turned 21 a fortnight ago, is presumed drowned after going missing while rescuing his brother and cousins at a west Auckland beach in early January.

heres some excerpts from a television piece on Sundays game .....
heres the link to the video piece as well if you want to go look - it was on tv3 news during the week.
Warriors v Rabbitohs game

It's a big weekend in another sense. It's a celebration of Sonny Fai's life and culture, with some great performances, musical and cultural lined up. It will be a special day, and fans should get along to make some noise for the boys, and to show the Fai family how much the league community thinks of their selfless son. Outside the stadium, there will be some fans selling Sonny Fai wristbands. This is a fan driven initiative, and all proceeds are going to the Fai family, so it's a great cause. There will be 10,000 of them on sale, and if it's anything like the last batch, they'll sell like hotcakes. The Warriors themselves wear them, so do many of the other NRL teams, players like Issac Luke and Krisnan Inu wearing them proudly, even Russell Crowe's got one. Show you support, and get one for yourself.I've been leaning towards a Rabbitohs upset here, they're at near full strength and the Warriors are up against it personnel wise. But I'm going to let myself be driven by my heart here, putting my hand up for a purely emotional pick. I think the Sonny celebrations could inspire them to victory, it would a wonderful way to cap the day.

My husband, son and I have all volunteered to sell the wristbands on Sunday. I am proud to be doing this and hope they raise LOTS of money for the family and sell all the 10,000 wristbands.

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Kathy L said...

What an amazing story. Thank you for sharing. I have never seen a rugby game but I have heard it is fast, very fast moving and exciting. Sonny sounds like quite a person. I am sure this tribute was wonderful and quite fitting.