Sunday, 4 October 2009


Singing Willie Nelson's song here as I type - and somewhat tongue in cheek singing - I just can't wait to get on the road again lol.
Yes we are moving AGAIN. And just for something different - moving COUNTRIES !
Since we got back from our 2 month vacation in the States, Doug has been unable to find work here in New Zealand : (
Anyways to cut a long story a little shorter - he was offered a job in Bendigo (Victoria, Australia) - and a two weeks trial for the job. This was 3 weeks ago and he has decided he will be staying on permanently.
So I will be moving over there permanently towards the end of next month too.
As you can imagine there is so much to organise/finalise here and its a lot for me to organise on my own.
Life is never dull - is it ?
Sometimes its down right scarey and stressful..... (soft smiles)
Will definitely still be in touch until I go and again, once we find somewhere to live over there, get settled in and get back online as soon as possible !

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Glennis said...

Good luck with your move Wendy - not an easy thing to organise on your own.