Saturday, 17 November 2012

I'm kind of back !!

Moving is never that much fun 
and combine that with your computer
 failing to boot back up after the move
- makes for an even greater time - NOT !!

But I am slowly getting everything reloaded on to my new 'puter
and slowly getting boxes unpacked and 
the house looking more like a "home"
and my craft room here, 
to being a space where I love to come and play !!

smiles Wendy


Лілюська-Lilia said...

Welcome back, Wendy! Moves are always fun, with their pluses and minuses. ))) I'm glad you're getting your craft room back and hope you didn't loose any data!
Hugs, Lilia (DT Sister)

KC Inspired said...

I hate moving! It's so over whelming. Take it one thing at a time. Take breaks. Enjoy your new home!

Craft studio comes first!! LOL