Friday, 17 September 2010


Sorry I haven't been posting here lately.

I can safely say my life has never been "dull" and it doesnt look like being that way anytime soon.
After having moved from New Zealand to live here in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia,  for my husband's work, in November last year,  he has now been offered (and accepted) a job in the Northern Territory state of Australia which will mean another move for us at the end of this month to a small town (population approx 3000) called Tennant Creek. Its is located approx 500 kilometres north of Alice Springs and around 1,000 kilometres south of Darwin. And approx 2,700 kilometres from where we live at the moment.
We will be driving up there and intend to take 3 - 4 days to drive that far.
I hope to be back online the first week in October.


Jennie said...

My goodness Wendy!
Safe journey. I hope everything goes smoothly


Teresa / Trees aWard in Crafts said...

Good luck hun and I hope all goes well and you get settled in very soon.
Hugs, Teresa xxx

Melinda said...

WOW, the safest travels to you. It looks like it would be quite scenic, will it?
Looking forward to getting to know you when you return through ART HAVEN!

Melinda Perez

Lynn said...

You do get around, don't you? It will certainly be different there. How long are you likely to be there? Good spot for doing some sightseeing.

little cardmaker said...

This seems so exciting. Safe travels.