Saturday, 19 March 2011


Just back from a week away in Sydney, Australia, to be with family to celebrate one of my nephew's 40th birthday. Party had a 1970's theme and was a lot of fun, especially seeing everyone's fancy dress costumes.
My son Matt and me 

My nephew Mike and me
(It was his 40th birthday party)

Lots of lovely memories made spending time with my older sister and 2 nephews & their familes who all live in Sydney; another nephew and family who live in Townsville, Queensland, Australia and another nephew & family & my son who all live in New Zealand.

Only back in Tennant Creek for 2 days and then I am off to Darwin for a week as my husband is travelling up there for work and I am going with him. Those who know me well, know how much I love the ocean and as Darwin is on the coast of Australia and we will be staying in a hotel overlooking the ocean - how could I not go lol

More photos from Sydney and some from my trip up to Darwin as well soon !!

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Sharon said...

Fantastic photos - LOVE your costume!!!!!! Bet everyone had a great time!