Friday, 15 February 2008

One World One Heart Winners

Firstly a huge thank you to Lisa for organising this wonderful event !!!
And a huge thank you to everyone who came to visit my blog during the event.
Using the random generator site, here are the lucky winners of my ATCs
Joanne O
I have emailed you all privately and once I receive your mailing details will send the ATCs out to you all.
I hope everyone will return to visit here often.
Love and hugs to you all.


cookie said...

Wendy, I believe that things happen because they are supposed to happen. What this tells me is that you are supposed to receive a prize too. Please send me your mailing address at your earliest convenience.

Angela said...

WOOO HOOOO!!!I'm really excited to proudly own your atc! Thank you sooo much!!!!! :) *HUGS*

Angela said...

I am sooo glad that I won your giveaway!!! Thank you sooo much! Your so generous to have made this atc. I'm just sooo thankful. THANK YOU!:) *HUGS*

Bethel of Bethania said...

G'day Wendy,
It's been great to find you again.
Sorry you didn't win over at my place, ArtsyFran won my colourful picture collage but I wanted to thank you for dropping on by and being a player - it's just been so much fun ... OOroo ... Bethel

peppylady said...

Hip Hip Hooray for the winners.

I found your blog during Lisa give away and I feature your blog as part as my friendly fridays.

beth said...

hi wendy !! you won one of my ATC 's too !!! ( and since your already giving them away it kinda cancels out the second part ) so congrats to you !! i just need your mailing address and i will send it !!
congrats and thanks so much for visiting !!!

ladybug said...

G'day Wendy!

Just a little ladybug stopping by to let you know that a Pay it Forward package is on it's way to you...thankfully it was light enough to go priority and should be there within a week!

Hope you like it :)


cookie sunshine said...

Hello, I hope this finds you having a wonderful week with great burst of creativity and happiness.

I have tagged you for a game. You are not required to play. If you don't participate in games, or don't have the time, don't worry.

Also, your prize is ready to be shipped tomorrow morning. If you have not emailed your shipping address, please do so at your earliest convenience.