Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Update On Me

Yesterday was my appointment at the hospital to learn the results from my surgery. Pathology report shows lymph nodes were clear and clear margins were found. So next step is to have radiation treatment - no date set for this yet. But good news is NO CHEMO at this stage.
So in the meantime plenty of REST and hopefully the pain and bruising will lessen each day. And hopefully soon I will be creating my art again.


Kelly said...

thinking of you...

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

this report is super good, over the top excellent!!! Clear lymph nodes. that is what you hope to hear..and YOU's all good sweet will be o.k.

the video was deeply touching. thank you for sharing.

xo Rest and give yourself extra love every day.

Kel said...

Hi Wendy, I'm very happy for your good news. Thank you for sharing that beautiful song - very true, wise words! Thank you too for stopping by my blog and commenting.

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Wendy,

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your kind comments about my crown. I haven't mentioned it but I would love the winner to wear it and post a photo on their blogs...

Good luck!

Warm regards,


Latharia said...

I hope you are resting well!! Take good care of yourself!

bockel24 said...

Wendy, it´s good to hear that everything sounds o. k. at the moment - but we´ll keep our fingers crossed for a while ...

ladybug said...

I'm so glad to hear that you aren't needing Chemo right now.

My thoughts and blessings are with you (and all who are in the various stages along this journey--including a dear friend who was just diagnosed two months ago)

Blessings, Love, and Strength to you and all sisters!

daydreamstudios said...

So glad you are doing well. Keep up the good spirits! Enjoyed looking around you blog.
You're invited!!!!

What: A Blog Party


When: Now thru next Tuesday

Why: Becuase I made it to 100 posts (wasn't sure I'd make it past 3)

Time: My blog never sleeps, so come when you can.

Who: You of course, bring a friend too.

P.S.: I have a present to give away!

Grand Life said...

Your post touches my heart. Keep doing so well.