Friday, 4 January 2008

Art Resolutions 2008

Anyone thought about making any Art Resolutions for 2008 ?

Heres mine:
1) To make something everyday during 2008.
So far so good - 4th January and I have achieved this resolution.

Heres the latest card I made today

2) To start using up some of my stash of lovely papers, stickers, rubons etc.
This one is taking some getting used to - I find it hard to actually USE some of the lovely papers etc I buy !!

3) To ink and up use every stamp I buy within 1 week of buying.
Used some stamps today I brought when I was in the States late last year.

4) To make at least 3 things out of every magazine i buy.
This could be a challenge but it will make me more aware of which magazines I really get my money's worth from.

5) To mail out more RAKs.
One mailed out already and also I just realised that the RAKs I send in my capacity as a Team Leader for the Letter Writing Team section of Soldiers Angels organisation count as RAKs too !!


Margaret said...

What a pretty card. Good goals for the New Year. I did something similar for myself. A goal that I had for this year as well was to start a blog. I made my first entries on 12/31. :)

See ya around.

FiLoMa said...

Hi Wendy,

Great card. Love how you have done the flower with all those colours. Love the use of the cuttlebug embossing folder, I have that one - I must play more with my cuttlebug.

Cheers Fiona aka FiLoMa

craenz said...

lovely card Wendy
So I am not the only one who gets out papers to use and then can't cut them because they are too nice!!

Mary-Jane said...

Pretty cards! Think we are all cut from the same cloth - I say to the girls at the checkout when I am buying paper - I am paperaholic - love the stuff - but am reluctant to use it - why? Now I buy two sheets (sometimes three) that way I have one sheet left to look at and don't feel so guilty about using the first sheet! Glad to hear someone else finds it hard to use their pretty paper and stamps and.........