Thursday, 17 January 2008

Ladies Just Wanna Have Fun

well no art has been made for a few days but I have been trying to squeeze lots of things into the past few days.
Carol D and i had a crazy but lovely day yesterday-- She was crowned Queen of our Red Hat Group and I had my redulation ( changing from a Pink Hatter to Red Hatter on becoming 50 -my actual birthday is next week.)
Carol & I had no idea what the group had planned for us we were just to turn up and go along with whatever - however we decided to play up and surprise them. Originally we were going to dress up as a purple Barney and a purple Teletubbie but thought we better tone it down a little.
My redulation was in a playground going from a little girl ( pink Hatter ) to a Red Hatter then receiving my Red Hat from Carol.
We dressed Carol up in Purple tissue for the crowning .
If you would like to learn more about the Red hat Society which is worldwide please go to this web site below.
It was started in the USA 10 years ago this coming April and it is about women over 50 getting together and just having fun wearing red hats and purple outfits-you can join if you are under 50 but then you are a pink hatter and become a red one on reaching 50 - a new group has to register with the USA society to become a group. There are thousands of groups all over the world-- We call ourselves a disorganization and it is all about having fun and misbehaving gracefully
Here is a link to the USA society if you want to take a peek
It was just the tonic I needed before my surgery next week - but i kind of overdid it - was exhausted last night and was in bed by 7pm .
Hopefully my muse will come out to play today !!!

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Dawn said...

what a fantastic group - never heard of it, I will be 47 this year, maybe I should start a group in preparation....
Glad to see you having fun xxxx