Sunday, 6 January 2008

Sundays here already

I'm happy to say I am still keeping up with my Art Resolution of making at least one thing a day
heres a card i just finished - Happy birthday wording cut out with the craft robo.
I am going to do a tally up each week on a Sunday of what I have done art-wise during the week
so - drum roll please
as at Sunday 6 January for 2008
cards 10
Atcs 17
backgrounds 2
I so hope I can continue being able to make time in my life for making some art EVERYDAY. Its is so relaxing.


Janet said...

Love you art progress so far this year. Last year I resolved to do art everyday, but it did not include finished projects necessarily - just any bit of sketching, gluing or stitching!

Brook said...

I'm o glad that you are keeping your resolution! Great job!